The Lee Huai Kwang Education Fund

Lee Huai Kwang Education Fund was set up in 2005 with the objective to promote Christian education; to sponsor theological students and provide bursaries for the education of Pastors' children. The Education Fund was established in remembrance of the late Rev Lee's dedication and contribution to All Saints Memorial Chapel and All Saints Home which he had led from 1974 to 2005.

Seminar/ Forum

From time to time, ASMC organise seminars/forums on issues related to dying and death as part of our bereavement ministry to educate the Christians public.


1) Lee Huai Kwang Sermon Series

A six-volume sermon series written (in Chinese) by Late Rev Lee Huai Kwang entitled:

a) The Evolution of Faith (I)
b) The Evolution of Faith (II)
c) The Stories of Old Testament Biblical Figures
d) The Stories of New Testament Biblical Figures
e) Biblical Festivals
f) The Allegory of Twelve Zodiacs.

Contributions: $10 per copy. All proceeds are channeled to All Saints Memorials Chapel Lee Huai Kwang Education Fund.

Please contact ASMC office for more information.

2) ASMC Memorial Service Handbook

A Memorial Service Handbook, with selected hymns; prayers of commemoration; scriptures verses; responsive readings for the use of monthly memorial services and is available on loan to bereaved families for their prayers or family memorial services.

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